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15 West 72nd Street
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SouvenarteBooks makes beautiful personalized books of your children's art.


Curate the Clutter

Susan Berman

Is your closet crammed with mashed masks, dusty dioramas, and haggard hand-made Halloween costumes? Is your fridge plastered with peeling paintings and dog-eared drawings? Does the thought of your child bringing home one more art project make you downright desperate for storage space? Take a stand, manage the mess, and curate the clutter!

Before you toss it, consider why our child’s art might be important to save:

Children’s art is a reflection of who they are from the inside.

It speaks volumes about your child’s personal interests and unique ideas. In addition, through aesthetic choices of color, line, quality, and placement of compositional elements, children reveal much about who they are and what they think.

Art gifts are mementos of children’s thoughtfulness toward others. ­They are wonderful examples of how a child cultivates friendships and family relationships. By making something special for that special someone, children demonstrate their ability to build connections based on their knowledge of that other person. 

And finally, grown children often enjoy connecting to tangible evidence of their creative childhoods.

The opportunity to sort through early imaginative gestures is not only amusing but provides a valuable view into our playful past.

This post is published with permission of Chicago Children’s Museum.